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Aside from the blogs and vlogs posted by Will and Laura, this will be a hub for all things parenting. Whether it’s parenting your own or parenting your spouses  – you will find it here.

Parenting is different for everyone. We’ve learned that no two families are alike, especially when they’ve been blended together. We are absolutely blessed to have the children that we do – they accept each other as if they were 100% blood brothers and sisters, and we are thankful for that. But that doesn’t mean life doesn’t come without its challenges!

The blended family stigma will always be – but we do our best to create an essence of unconditional love – no matter what blood runs through your veins.

How do you view parenting your blended family? Do you get along with your stepchild(ren)? What about your spouse with your child? We would love to hear how you function and feel free to ask us any questions!


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