On May 19, 2012, a beautiful event emerged from our comfy little town of Winters, California…

We Said I Do


Will and I have both been married before with children of our own. Will had 2 beautiful daughters, Taelor and Greta – and I had a beautiful daughter named Emma (had does not mean they’re gone, it means there’s more!). We met May of 2011 and married by May 2012. We weren’t looking for a long engagement at all. Will proposed to me on February 12th, 2012. If only I could find the one video that my mother recorded as he was proposing (she had no idea – it was hilarious), I would post it on here if I could.

So let’s just be real and say that a marriage within a blended family is


There. I said it! It’s hard. Entering a marriage with existing children and making sure to give all of them the attention they deserve is no easy task. Let alone giving your spouse attention. Then that one fateful day, this happens…


But that’s a story for another time…

The point of this page is to talk about marriage, and look how easily I get side-tracked talking about children!


Marriage is hard. Children make it harder – no matter if it’s your children or your spouse’s children or the children your spouse and you created together after said children.


Throughout our time together, we will share our trials and our victories with you. What are some trials and victories that you’ve faced? We would love for you to share, just visit our contact page!


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