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If We’re Honest

Straight from the heart honesty has never been something that I always want to blab all over the internet – but here it goes…

So, Will and I have had the heart to start a blog on blended families, parenting, and marriage – and since we decided to ‘launch’ this idea into fruition, I’ve experienced nothing but disappointment. I constantly feel a need to post, without an idea of what I CAN post. Sure, I feel like I’ve had some good runs – but nothing that would really make me feel as though this blog has been successful.

Honest Enough

With that said – we just wanted to share our heart and be honest about life. Here are some things we’ve learned while living this blended family kinda life.

  • Blended Family – In general, parenting in a blended family IS NOT easy… and I repeat, NOT easy. Fortunately for us, we co-parent with Greta and Taelor’s mom, and agree on most things. Even if we don’t agree, we agree to disagree and it’s over. We are so lucky… As far as Taelor and Greta taking me and Emma in as one of their own, they’ve had no problem’s doing that. Yeah, there have been some bumps along the way – but nothing that a little love and communication can’t solve. Also, Will adopted Emma shortly into our marriage and she now feels like she’s part of him. She even thinks she’s Native American, now.. so cute.
  • Marriage – Just because Will and I come from broken marriages, heartache and bitterness doesn’t mean we have to carry it into this marriage. In fact, our 5th wedding anniversary is blended familycoming up this month. Now, of course, our marriage is NOT perfect – BUT – I do feel like because of our previous experiences, we can take that step to make a change so that this marriage doesn’t end up like the others.We are currently reading through Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerichs, and there are a lot of things we notice that we don’t struggle within this marriage. We know how to prevent the crazy cycle before we ever knew what the crazy cycle even was. What Will and I have in this marriage, that we didn’t have in our last marriages is my recognition to respect my husband, and his recognition of loving his wife (even when we don’t feel like each other deserve it).
  • Kids – Like I said above, Taelor and Greta took me in like one of their own. I never came into this marriage expecting to be their mom, I came into this marriage expecting to be a helper, a friend, and another loving adult in their life to help keep them accountable. Sadly, Taelor isn’t living with us as she’s pursuing her child development degree, minoring in psychology and family relations. She is on the other side of the United States, but we still have 4 kiddos living at home with us.To the world they would be considered ‘yours, mine and ours’ but in our hearts, nobody is treated any differently than the other because of who’s blood they have running through their veins.Life is just life and we live it without the thought of who belongs to whom.

I conclude by saying that our dream remains to reach others in the same position as us, or couples who are thinking of getting married that will have step-kids involved.. heck, even those who don’t have step-kids and they’re just livin’ life with their tribe and are looking for someone to relate to in marriage and parenting. We want to be those people that you can reach, whenever you need an ear to listen.

We hope to continue this and watch it flourish in a way that only God has seen in our hearts. Until then, have fun with your family this weekend and we will talk to you soon!



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