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What’s The Diff: Blended Family Vs. Traditional Family?

What’s The Difference?

There is none. For  years since we’ve been married I’ve battled this thought. Why must I identify as a blended family when I feel like i’m in a traditional familyI love when we meet new people and they ask me, “How many kids do you have?” And I always answer, FIVE. They look at me in disbelief, in which I’m not sure why.

Do I look like i’m too young for 5 kids? Do I not have the 5 kid mom-bod (which I’m sure I do, haha)? 

Whatever the reason is – people are always shocked. In that case, I go in to explain our kids and who belongs to who and how old they are and the fact that only 3 of these have been birthed out of my body. Boy is it exhausting to continue a conversation after that (who’s with me?)..

Back to the point – I don’t see a difference between the way that we function as a blended family and how a traditional family functions. Just because I didn’t birth our oldest girls doesn’t mean I love them any less! In fact – the fact I DIDN’T have to birth them is a plus. I don’t know about you, but i’m not one to love childbirth. Give me drugs and tell me when it’s over.

Living Like a Traditional family

Clearing the air, we treat all of our kids the same. Yes, I said OUR kids. I’m not here to replace Taelor and Greta’s mom – I’m here to be a female role model in our home. Who would have thought!? There is nothing different from the way we do life than how a traditional family does life. For example:

  • We love eachothersiblings
  • We discipline
  • We encourage eachother
  • The girls fight
  • The boys fight
  • The girls get along
  • The boys get along
  • We eat dinner together
  • We cry together
  • We laugh together
  • We don’t hold secrets from eachother (that i’m aware of….!)

We don’t treat eachother ANY different, just because we all have different DNA running through our veins. We are in this together for the long haul. So to all of those who don’t identify with the term blended familiesneither do we.

We are proud to be a testimony of a blended family who doesn’t let society’s definition define our steps.

How do you view your family? Do you feel like being a blended family divides? Or do you unite? You as a parent ultimately hold the power to how your family functions. We’d love to hear your story! Comment below or check out our contact page!


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