We are a blended group of unique individuals who absolutely love each other. We laugh, we cry, and we allow ourselves (and each other) to be real.


We are NOT perfect. But what we are is FAMILY.


We know how to love, forgive, accept, share (ahem), play, and just be family, no matter what.

Here we long to share our stories and hope that our website will touch your heart and give you room to relate.

Whether you’re a blended family or not -we’re all in this for the same reason. The love of our spouse and our children.

We look forward to including you in our life and learning more about yours. Feel free to browse around our website, ask us questions and tell us about your family. What struggles do you have? What joys? What’s helped you the most along your way? What would you like to hear about? Visit our contact page and let us know. We would love to hear from you!


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